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About Oxford Climate Policy

Oxford Climate Policy was registered in April 2005 for the general purpose of capacity building in the context of the UN climate change negotiations, and is charged in particular with managing the Oxford Fellowship Programme of the European Capacity Building Initiative, ecbi

Ongoing Initiatives and Projects

The European Capacity Building Initiative (ecbi)

ecbi is an initiative for sustained capacity building in support of international climate change negotiations. The ecbi aims to promote a more level playing field between government delegations to the international climate change negotiations, and to facilitate mutual understanding and trust - both between European and developing countries and among the developing countries.

The Reformed Financial Mechanism (RFM)

The project on a Reformed Financial Mechanism of the UNFCCC is run in collaboration with the Oxford Institute for Energy Studies. Its main objective is to investigate the governance and architectural options for longer-term multilateral climate finance.

OCP Blog

The aim of this blog is to give members of OCP and invited guests the opportunity to initiate debates on international climate policy, particularly in relation to topical issues regarding the international climate change regime.

Latest Publications by Members

Pocket Guide to the Paris Agreement   Apr 2016 pdf 670kb

From Contribution Framework to Ambition Mechanism How to enhance mitigation ambition under the Paris Agreement  Apr 2016 pdf 680kb

A Dynamic Ambition Mechanism  for the Paris Agreement   Harro van Asselt, Cristina Carreiras, and Kaveh Guilanpour. Mar 2016 pdf 916kb

Whatever happened to the Paris Predictability Problem? The Paris Cycle-wreck: beyond (partial) salvage?  Jan 2016 pdf 284kb

‘Maillot Jaune’ for the Dynamic Contribution Cycle   Jan 2016 pdf 773kb